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OMAFRA – UofG Partnership

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the University of Guelph have been partners for over 100 years, providing innovation in the Ontario agri-food industry and stimulating prosperity in Ontario’s rural communities. Before working with us, the partnership’s programs and services were split between four websites, resulting in a confusing user experience. And because we were required to create the site within a Drupal distribution provided by the University of Guelph, formatting options were diminished.

Their challenges included unclear navigation, duplicate content and inconsistent web copywriting. The partnership approached Giant Goat with a complicated task: develop a concise, well-designed online environment that served the myriad purposes of four websites between OMAFRA and the U of G.

Bringing it all together.

In order to consolidate and streamline, we had to start from scratch. We started with working sessions with the client to flesh out an intuitive site structure. Our content experts quickly noticed main themes and key elements within the existing sites, enabling them to create a comprehensive story for the partnership.

The client provided insight into their purpose and helped us understand how audiences should be interacting with content on the site. Luckily, great content makes for a great site, and despite the limitations in formatting, we were able to execute a well-planned, crisp and clean site that would draw the desired audience without full-blown customization.

Looking ahead.

The new site receiving positive feedback from their users and thanks to the work of our team and the OMAFRA – UofG Partnership, the site has a solid base to work from in the future.

Technology features and services provided

Strategic Planning
User Experience Design
Content Auditing
Content Development
Content Management System – Drupal 7 Distribution

See the UoG OMAFRA Partnership website

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