is Google the new Apple?

Yes, they are both VERY different companies, but still overlap in many areas and thus are compared quite frequently. However, I have always maintained that Google really knows how to innovate, while Apple really knows how to make and market a product. I have been getting the feeling that Apple has peaked. Meanwhile, Google has really been impressing me in the last year and appears ready to dethrone the ever-popular fruit branded tech giant. So when I say "the new Apple" I suppose I mean the new tech company that everyone is talking about.

Smoked by Android

With smartphone usage increasing every year, the platform battle continues to rage on between the big 3: Microsoft, Apple and Android. Here at GiantGoat we usually test our sites in Android and iOS. Windows Phone seems to be eating some dust while proclaiming "me too! me too!".

New Giant Goat T Shirt

Next Tuesday we will be attending the Guelph technology Showcase (1.0), being held at the University of Guelph Science Complex Atrium.

As this event will be focused at a slightly younger audience than the majority of events which we attend, we thought it was a great opportunity to debut a new t-shirt (and giveaway some shwag).

I present to you the result of this, the 3 Goat Moon shirt.


SOPA / PIPA and us ...

We love the Internet, it continues to grow and weave itself ever deeper into our everyday lives -- and we like it, we like what it brings to our lives, it gives us power to say anything we want and share anything we wish. So now we are hearing that SOPA and PIPA are swirling about and wow could have a real negative impact on OUR Internet.

We're Back

DaveOk yes, we have lapsed into a non-blogging mode likely due to absence of Dave, a past GG team member who was so good at this blogging stuff. We will attempt to live up to his blogging antics but those mathematicians are a hard lot to outwit!

Demo Camp Guelph

Well DemoCampGuelph18 was last night and although I was not able to stay very long it was still great to see what the Royal City tech community has been cooking up as of late.

They key note speaker was Mark Kuznicki who gave a talk about Change and the Social Web: How social technologies are changing citizenship. It is interesting to speculate on the changing role social media will play when it comes to engaging citizens in relevant issues.